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GODOX TT520 II Speedlite Flash -Sony, Canon & Nikon Cameras

Ksh 6,800

Camera and Accessories

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GODOX TT520 II Speedlite Flash -Sony, Canon & Nikon Cameras

Product Details


GODOX TT520 II Speedlite Camera Flash On-camera Lights for Sony, Canon & Nikon Cameras

Key features;

  • Flash duration of 1/300-1/20000s, delivering crisp, clear and vivid images
  • 3 flash modes: M, S1 and S2 for improved versatility and usability
  • 8 variable flash output from 1/128 to full, meeting your flashlight demand
  • Integrated reflection board, giving a highlighted point on the eyes
  • Built-in wide-angle diffuser, creating soft, smooth and natural illumination

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